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If You Care Baking Pans are made from unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF) greaseproof paper. They are ready to use, have natural easy release properties and there is no greasing necessary.

Like all If You Care paper products, our Baking Pans are totally chlorine-free, so no chlorine or chlorine derivatives are dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams.

If You Care Paper Cake/Pie Pans are perfect for 9″ & 10″ pie recipes and 8″ cake recipes. If You Care Paper Loaf Pans are perfect for all bread and loaf recipes, even for lasagna! You can freeze and re-heat them too.

TIP: Baked goods in If You Care Baking Pans make the perfect hostess gift. Simply tie a colorful ribbon around the pan and bring to your next party!


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